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Project Name: Fibre Federal Credit Union

Architect: SUM

Project Manager: Logan Miller

Project Engineer: Logan Miller

Project Notes: This small coastal branch packs a big punch with beautiful exposed cross-laminated timber roof plates supported on glu-lam beams and columns for the main, clerestory and drive-thru roofs.  Detailing had a major focus on quick and precise fit-up utilizing custom CNC’ed CLT, glu-lam members and steel connections, so that rough framing could go together like puzzle pieces in a matter of days with minimal attachment in the field.  Near-continuous transom windows at the perimeter made embedded shear posts an important player in transferring lateral loads to the foundation.  Poor soils at the site required a system of small-diameter steel helical piers to transfer loads down through the weak soil layers over 20 feet into solid ground below.

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